Thursday 8 January 2009

A Dirty Job, But Someone’s A Taxpayer-Funded Official Of The State’s Got To Do It….

A crackdown on 'Shameless' families could see state officials turning up at people's homes to get them out of bed for work and make sure their children go to school.
It seems government doesn’t want to be ‘Big Brother’ after all, it wants to be ‘Big Mummy’. Will they check that people have washed behind their ears too?

Who could possibly dream up such a crazy, expensive, degrading scheme? Step forward Hazel Blears:
Communities Secretary Hazel Blears said the Government was prepared to take drastic steps to tackle a ' hardcore' of workless neighbourhoods where no one has a proper job.
So instead of making it harder for them to exist on the dole, she plans to make it easier?

Now, agents of the State will wake you up, see to your children, etc. Is she pinning her hopes on this shaming these people? Because I think the clue there might be in the title of that TV series, frankly.

And it’s not just them – it’s their unfortunate neighbours:
Miss Blears is preparing to publish legislation paving the way for unprecedented 'community intervention projects'. In effect, entire streets or blocks of flats would be put on 'special measures'.

Sources say council staff would be given the power to enter homes to get people out of bed in the morning, or turn up with rubber gloves and detergent to oversee the cleaning of filthy homes.
That seems a little harsh, if you’ve done nothing wrong except have the misfortune to live next door to a Karen Matthews-type ‘family’.

And ‘council staff’…? Has anyone considered that they might not have the skills or desire to do this, not to say their union will be up in arms at any attempt to change the parameters of their job roles?

Hmmm, is this a cunning plan to recruit yet more public servants, I wonder? Well, there must be some out-of-work farmers and zoo-keepers; why not let them have first crack, if so? They will have all the required training already…


Mark Wadsworth said...

Is this from the Daily Mash or The Onion. They are joking, surely?

Anonymous said...

Another meaningless load of drivel and how many times has this theme been visited by this lot?
Blears is being very irritating at the moment, popping up everywhere trying to be 'the workers' friend with her stance on immigration and the plight of the white British - too little , too late Hazel. Why she gets such a good press I don't know. This particular nonsense is completely unworkable as usual, it will involve a government project team, each council area/borough will set up a working party as will the police, social services who of course work tirelessly in PARTNERSHIP to ensure bugger all gets done about most things these days. All at a massive cost to the taxpayer, just remember the plan to amalgamate all those police forces a year or so back - millions spent on ultimately nothing. As you rightly ask, WHO will these 'dirtbusters' be because even todays 'people's police' fail to go into so many of these areas in our fair land unless it becomes an 'Operation' and uses up more resources than a small army. Many of these areas are 'NO GO' areas for the authorities.
There are things that can be done but the liberals and Liberals will be dismayed and near to fainting if they were put into place and yes, it will involve hi-viz jackets, long prison sentences, workfare etc.

North Northwester said...

" it will involve hi-viz jackets, long prison sentences, workfare etc." and stopping child-based beenfits, premiums and credits after child number three per mother.
To harp on.

JuliaM said...

I bet it'll never see the light of day, like so many other announced 'initiatives'. Anyone remember any ASBO-youths actually marched to the cashpoint for a fine?

But that they suggest it at all (and our useless media laps it up) shows just how far they have sunk....

Furry Conservative said...

The reality is that the Left will use this as another stick to beat their class enemies with. They won't go NEAR the chavs who they claim this is intended for.

It is another way of getting into your home, people. Once the police required a warrant. Now Fat Bob from the council can come around whenever he likes and stare at your wife's tits as she lies in bed.

Furry Conservative said...

Have they ever, EVER considered what incentives are? The best way to get someone out of bed and working is to ensure that they HAVE to do so to earn money to live.

Even ten years ago this 'initiative' would have been satire. Now, it is approaching policy. My joke a few years ago that soon state officials will have to wipe people's arses for them is looking uncomfortably close to reality.