Thursday 8 January 2009

Charity Drug-Dealing Begins At Home

The director of a drugs charity and her two sons ran a round-the-clock service supplying cocaine to middle-class customers anywhere within the M25.
Now, there’s chutzpah….
Karen Stott, whose slick operation was like a pizza delivery service, employed her children Vidal, 22, and Khan, 24, to take care of the business during the night and when she was abroad on luxury holidays.

On one occasion, the 49-year-old went into a school to educate pupils about the danger of drugs the day after she had supplied cocaine to an undercover police officer.
As part of an undercover investigation, that is…
The court heard that while doing so, Stott, from Regent's Park, North London, also ran a charity called The Fair Project, educating youngsters about the wrongs of drugs, racism and gangs.
Funnily enough, I can find nothing on any charity with this name at the Charities Commission website or any of the other charity search sites. Yet it must have been a legit charity to have been allowed access to schools, surely…?

But then, it seems anyone can set up a charity, and be allowed access to schools now:
Karen Stott has previous convictions for theft and credit card fraud as well as cheating prescriptions out of the NHS.
As the government moves to do more and more (particularly on ‘social issues’) via charities, it seems that this kind of thing is inevitable…

Time to give the Charity Commission real teeth, and make it harder to set up in the ‘charity business’…?


Anonymous said...

Her two sons "Vidal" and "Khan"?

Those good old English names, eh?

JuliaM said...

Multiculturalism. Is there nothing it can't do...? ;)