Friday 9 January 2009

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

The ‘Mail’ this morning has a shocking case of a man starved to death in hospital when, following a stroke that left him unable to swallow, incompetence and ‘miscommunication’ meant he wasn’t fitted with a feeding tube...

Bad enough. But the anonymous sources quoted in the article really ought to reconsider their choice of phrasing:
Sources close to the Ombudsman's inquiry said its findings will vindicate Mencap's attack almost totally.

One said: 'The Ombudsman will issue a damning verdict in most, though not all, of the cases.

'In some cases the NHS's treatment of vulnerable people was quite shocking - a patient effectively being starved to death is indefensible.

'There will be a lot for NHS trusts and politicians to chew over.'

If only poor Mr Ryan had been so lucky…


paul ilc said...

Unfortunately, NHS managers are compulsive masticators.

Anonymous said...

Your caring NHS at work

JuliaM said...

"NHS managers are compulsive masticators."


"Your caring NHS at work.."

Indeed. Let's hope this Mencap report gets picked up in the States where the usual suspects seem to regard 'socialised medicine' as the ne plus ultra.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Socialised medicine means your a cost not a customer.

Organisations that survive minimise costs.

I'm shocked by the surprise this "efficiency drive" has caused.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Would you like to help with my new blog ?


JuliaM said...

Ooh, I'll take a look at that, AC1.