Sunday 25 January 2009

Oh, Look...!

Yet another of those 'terribly rare' cases (at least, rare according to the femiloons and their enablers):
A BBC personality has shattered her ex-boyfriend's life by falsely accusing him of rape.

The woman, who has broadcast to television audiences of millions, accused him of raping her 40 times throughout their two-and-a-half-year relationship.

He was arrested, held in a police cell and handcuffed as police searched his flat for evidence of his crime. But she retracted her allegation weeks later, and the officer investigating the claims described them as 'inconsistent' and 'not credible'.
But naturally, that's not the end of it - for him:
Despite the lack of evidence, the incident remains on the Police National Computer thanks to a legal loophole, which campaigners say is blighting the lives of falsely accused men.

Even if the 'victim' withdraws their allegation, it will show up under enhanced Criminal Records Bureau checks that are undertaken regularly on people who apply for jobs with employers such as the NHS or schools. It will also prevent them from travelling to the United States.
The woman...? Oh, she gets off scot-free, naturally:
The boyfriend cannot be identified to protect his accuser's anonymity, but wants to make his case public.

He said: 'The lies she told have ruined my life. Yet, while I have lost out on jobs and been left paranoid and scared of women, she has got away without punishment. We're not even allowed to reveal her identity. Rape is a horrific crime, and there is no way I am capable of committing it.

'I don't care how successful she is, she should be sent to prison. Of course, the BBC doesn't know what she has done. But if they were to find out I would like to think they'd sack her.'
Oh, yeah. Of course they would...

Women used to fight for equality. They appear to have gained, in this matter at least, total superiority. That's not justice....


Mark Wadsworth said...

It's the "forty times over two and a half years" that gives it away. Had she gone straight to the police after the first time, fair enough.

Word veri: berast

Furry Conservative said...

The process is the punishment. This is a typical Leftist tactic (see the 'Human Rights' commissions in Canada).

Heads she wins, tails you lose. Despite being a lying, scheming mentalist, he is the one being punished. The police are enthusiastically participating in a malicious and spiteful private persecution.

Still, the Mail have cleverly put in enough information to make it fairly easy to identify here. Worked for a small commercial broadcaster in 2003, now works for the BBC, front line broadcaster, in her 20s, probably lives somewhere in North London (the Hendon reference).

Bloggers, get to work!

JuliaM said...

"Word veri: berast"


"Still, the Mail have cleverly put in enough information to make it fairly easy to identify her..."

Will anyone bother, though, given that it (presumably) can't be printed? Compare the race to identify Ulrika Johnson's 'date rapist'. No concerns there for his anonymity....

Anonymous said...

Surely he can take out a private prosecution.This is blatant discrimination.What about the court of human rights.

Anonymous said...

Could she be named on a foreign website though?
wv ancuffer,how apt

Anonymous said...

It is in in the public's interest to know who "Charlotte" is, her credibility as a journalist is called into question by her outrageous actions. This is a sackable offence and I don't see why the public should be paying the wages of such an unscrupulous character.

Anonymous said...

accused him of raping her 40 times throughout their two-and-a-half-year relationship.

Now I am one that thinks rape should be a capital offence, and there is NEVER an excuse.

HOWEVER, in this case I will suggest "She may have been asking for it"?

Vopn Brandenburg-Preußen

DJ said...

Yep, it was the forty times that really pushed it over the top for me too.

Reminded me of the old line that in London one woman is raped every ten minutes, and she's getting really hacked off with it.

Anonymous said...

Forty times! I know the old adage 'if rape is inevitable lay back and enjoy it', but to lay back forty times indicates enthusiasm above and beyond the call of duty!

JuliaM said...

It does beg the question at what point the police file this in the box marked 'barking loon'...?

Anonymous said...

i thought the law prosecuted women who lie about rape?

WV = ashpro
(are there such people who smoke fags for a living, or is it just rabbits in laboratories ?)