Wednesday 28 January 2009

No Wonder They Are So Keen On CCTV...

A jealous policeman abused his powers to seize CCTV footage from pubs hunting for evidence of his wife's affair with his best friend, a court heard.

Pc Andrew Liptrot, 47, claimed that he was investigating "serious" crime before taking hours worth of film away from the bars in Chorley, Lancs.

But he took it home, scouring the images to catch his wife Karen and his former best friend Darren Watson, together, Preston Crown Court was told.
At least he didn’t do the viewing on company time as well. It seems the man has some standards…!
The officer also used a police computer, reserved for investigating crimes, to gather information on Mr Watson, the court heard.
He could always try the ‘criminals made me do it!’ defence, though he might want to see how that works out for Mr Johal first…

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