Saturday 4 April 2009

Ensuring The PCs are PC…

It seems the police have a new publication out, for the edification of their staff, containing reams and reams of politically correct waffle on the various terms to use, so as not to give ‘offence’.

Among such gems as reminders not to lean on someone’s wheelchair because it’s their personal space, and can move (!), and not to stare at people with facial disfigurements, is this:
And officers are reminded that a woman who is provocatively dressed and 'paying attention to passing vehicles' may not necessarily be a prostitute.
Well, quite. She might, after all, be one of your colleagues

Of course, this will be met with derision by people who know what the job actually entails, and acclamation by the legions of overpaid, overqualified ninnies who now run the HR department of most…

Oh! Right on cue:
Ian Latimer, chief executive of Northern Constabulary, defended the guide. 'Officers have to make decisions and take action in a variety of situations, therefore it is imperative we enhance their knowledge and understanding,' he said.

'This is an extremely useful resource for staff. It is important that our communities are given the respect and professional service they deserve.'
Well, Ian old chum, for a start, you might like to try ensuring that you have sufficient staff cover to ensure 999 calls are answered before the people who pay your wages are beaten to death by unchecked thugs, as Ranting Stan points out. If that means cutting down on a few of the twerps who dream up this stuff instead, bonus!

Because we, ‘the communities’, think that actual 'policing' stuff comes a damn sight higher on the list than ensuring the latest terms for various groups and pets of the Righteous (as agreed by social scientists) are used by the front line.


PC Michael Pinkstone said...

Have started typing several responses to this, but deleted them.

I guess that sometimes there just aren't the words.

JuliaM said...

Well, there are. Just not ones used in polite company... ;)

Dr Melvin T Gray said...

Laughing halfway through a bittersweet article and perhaps for different reasons, I reached the same conclusion as PCMP.

Plato said...

During my short time with the plod, I was ticked off for referring to a colleague as a lady as that was 'offensive' and for saying 'oh bugger' as homophobic.

Words fail me - but it was OK to stop and account 17x more blacks than whites - which was why I left.

Anonymous said...

During my time in the great Metropolis's police force any issued publication be it book, guide or pamphlet, they were mostly, almost immediately filed in the B.I.N.

The police force has become one of the great social engineering experiments as well as a force to ensure social engineering policies. Older members, not terminally ambitious, despair; the newer officers and other members of the extended policing family know no different. Those that do despair about this nonsense will be in constant danger of being reported for any minor ommission or lapse by their 'specially qualified' mostly quota driven colleagues, many are members of the permanently aggrieved community.