Saturday 4 April 2009

I Know Reading Standards For Children Are Declining…

…but it seems it applies to the teachers too:
The team had ignored two 'No Vehicles Beyond This Point' signs on a school trip to the seaside when the tide suddenly turned.
The frantic driver dashed back to the van and steer onto the promenade but the wheels were wedged and the youngsters - one in a wheelchair - were forced to evacuate.
A spokesman said: 'Fortunately no-one was hurt. We are very aware of the safety of our children and luckily we are able to see the funny side.

'It could have been very serious. It was a terrible mistake. There is an ongoing investigation.'
‘Able to see the funny side’…?!
A spokesman for Cornwall County Council said: 'The safety of the pupils was of paramount importance at all times and at no time were any of the children or staff in danger.'
No, it was just a jolly day out, I’m sure.

Well, until the bus got stuck and the tide came in…

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