Thursday 2 April 2009

You'll Need A Heart Of Stone...

...not to laugh, as smirking tit and pushy self-publicist Sunny Hundal relates his awful, awful ordeal at the hands of the fascist bully boys of NuLab's Galactic Empire:
By 12:30, no one was allowed to leave the protest, and no explanation was given. When we asked a policeman why, he said it was simply an order to prevent "a breach of the peace". We said we were journalists trying to cover the protests, but it made no difference.
Oh no! One wonders why Sunny didn't try the usual trick of buttonholing the unfortunate cop and exclaiming 'Don't you know who I am?'.

But then, you realise it's Sunny Hundal. He'd be deathly afraid the answer would be 'No, frankly...'.

But regale us with more stories of the horror and deprivation experienced by the CiF Two:
People were feeling claustrophobic, hungry and aggressive. One woman sat down because she was feeling faint.

One hopes her fellow protestors drew attention to this calamity, and saw that she got appropriate medical treatment:'Over here, ambulance fellow, a member of the crowd is a little peckish. She needs a double-mocha latte and an organic-flour croissant. Stat!'
For a while the chanting was their only form of protest. But we felt like we were in a pressure cooker. By about 1pm, people kept pushing against the police cordon and chanting "Whose streets? Our streets!" A few bits of food and the some paint started getting chucked at the police.
Who presumably looked through their faceshields at their batons, glanced behind them at the row of police horses champing at the bit, and the waiting water cannon and thought 'Are you serious, kiddiewinks...?'
The four horses from the protests gathered at the lines ready to charge.
Given that they weren't real horses, but more the kind of thing you'd see at a particularly crap sixth form panto, that would have made my day, I have to admit..
After we escaped the firing line in Threadneedle Street, we headed to the Climate Camp around the corner. Their approach couldn't have been more different. Real turf was being rolled out on the concrete pavements and people were having tea parties and setting up tents. Games were played; there was music and dancing and meditation. These activists were deliberately making the point that while this was a radical protest, it did not have to be remotely violent or aggressive. The atmosphere was completely different.
So, having seen this, you still reach the conclusion that the police were at fault, Hundal? You utter cretin.


Old BE said...

Things like this make me wonder whether Darwin might have been wrong. I mean such abject stupidity should have died out thousands of years ago, shouldn't it?

Edwin Greenwood said...

Ah, the lesser goateed smirking tit. Distressingly prevalent in the hedgerows of London. I recommend the introduction of a few sparrowhawks.

Do you not find that Sunny is getting distinctly tetchy these days? Threatening, if only rhetorically, to duff people up. Lashing out in all directions. Gloating over the departure of Michael Nazir-Ali, as if he, Sunny, were personally responsible for it. Pursuing an obsessive vendetta against Gilligan. Not entirely unmerited in this instance, I agree, but disturbingly personal in nature.

Above all, rushing back tearfully to the comforting approbation of his little Desi posse on Pickled Politics when his smug and increasingly incoherent CiF articles get the inevitable and deserved beasting off the mob.

I think he's losing it. I think it's slowly dawning on Sunny that the rest of us are not wholly convinced that he's the biggest thing in British 'community' politics sinced sliced naan bread and that nobody really gives much of a monkey's for his considered opinion, thank you very much.

And he doesn't like it. Up him or otherwise.

Which is a shame, because in the past I've always felt that Sunny, despite his smugness, was one of our more reasonable and flexible professional racists.

Boy on a bike said...

Spot on.

Ross said...

He really is a twat of epic proportion.

JuliaM said...

"..the lesser goateed smirking tit."

Oh, lol!

"I think he's losing it. I think it's slowly dawning on Sunny that the rest of us are not wholly convinced that he's the biggest thing in British 'community' politics sinced sliced naan bread..."

Maybe (I hope) he can see the writing on the wall for the hangers-on of the current regime?

Dan said...

If that woman was feeling faint from hunger, what were they doing throwing food at the police? Heartless bastards.

JuliaM said...

It was probably GM. Or of Israeli origin.. ;)