Monday 20 April 2009

Quote Of The Month

This month, it's a tie, between:

Jerub-Baal's Spleen Vent on Libertarianism -
"So when someone tells you we need the NHS, the welfare state or a big government they are really saying:

"Cant someone else do it?"

I say in return:

"No - but you can"."
and The Devil's Kitchen on much the same thing -
"This has caused a fractured society, in which "helping someone" is redefined as "stealing money off someone else, by force, and giving it to someone anonymous in order that they should be employed to help the equally anonymous poor". And so our culture has led not to people thinking, "there is another human being in pain: how can I help?" but "why hasn't the state sorted that out?""

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Longrider said...

I had a long wibble that said something very similar, although in more muted terms...