Tuesday 28 April 2009

Now, Let’s Not Be Hasty….!

Thugs killed dozens of animals at a children’s mini zoo - after using them as footballs, horrified staff said today.

Vandals, who broke in overnight, also used a dog to slaughter 30 dead rabbits and 20 chickens, workers at the attraction claimed.

Cockatiels, guinea pigs, lemurs and chinchillas were also released from their enclosures and several are still missing.
Well, sadly, it’s not unknown.

However, it doesn’t seem as if this kind of sick action is viewed quite as seriously as it warrants:
A police spokesman said: ‘It appears vandals gained entry to the premises and caused considerable damage to cages and enclosures, releasing many of the animals and birds.

‘Security at the site is being stepped up and police are making enquiries.’
Eh..? According to the owners, they did a bit more than mere ‘vandalism’!

Still, there’s an answer for everything, if you look hard enough:
The spokesman added that some of the chickens could have been killed by a fox following their release from the enclosure.
Look, chaps, if you do ALL the excusing and explaining away up front like this, what’s going to be left for the little darlings’ defence solicitors, youth workers and psychiatrists?

Assuming you ever catch anyone that is…


Macheath said...

The article you link to helpfully included a (predictably cute and fluffy) picture of 'some of the other animals who may have witnessed the sickening attack'.

Presumably they will now expect counselling and a place on a witness protection programme.

JuliaM said...

They'll have their own Victim Support Officer, I hope..!

Homophobic Horse said...

It's a sign of a psychopath. They end up killing people later on in life.

Rob said...

It's because they haven't got a £10m community centre to go to. If a £10m community centre was built, they would no longer be under the compulsion to slaughter defenceless animals. They aren't responsible for their actions, Society is (that is, YOU).