Thursday 16 April 2009

If You Can’t Beat ‘em….

Teenage girls will be offered a GCSE-level qualification in being a young parent.

Those who are 'considering becoming pregnant' or are so already will learn about caring for newborn babies, breastfeeding, family finances and how to deal with toddler tantrums.
To be fair, it’s obvious that the UK isn’t going to win any prizes in the readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmatic stakes, so why not introduce something our underclass do excel at…?
Under the plan, Edexcel, the country's biggest exam board, will recognise teen parenting courses already coordinated by the National Community Learning Partnership.

There is no lower age limit, and some girls who have been on the courses were just 12.


Ross said...

This could be quite useful at teaching them useful skills although I'm not sure what the course work will entail. The final exam would could test whether they've learnt the key lessons.

Q1- The child benefit's you are receiving don't go far when spread among you and your six children. How might you earn more money?

a) Go out and find a part time job whilst still making it home to look after the children.

b) Fake the abduction of one your children and then sell your heart breaking story to Max Clifford.

c) Have a 7th child.

Q2- You meet 2 men- Darren a 19 unemployed man with no qualifications and 2 Asbos and 4 children by 4 baby mothers. Should you let him impregnate you?

a) No, he appears to be irresponsible and incapable of providing for a child.

b) Yes, he's got a lot of experience as a father and he's going to love me if I give him another baby.

c) It's a bit too late to be asking now isn't it?

JuliaM said...


I'm betting there'd be no shortage of inviligators for the course work either...