Monday 27 April 2009

Soon, They Will Require An ‘Operational Procedure’ To Enable Them To Breathe In And Out...

Knocking off time is sacred in most councils. Even if you haven’t quite completed your job, it seems:
Eight people were stranded in a cliff-side lift for more than an hour after workers turned it off and went home.
So there were people still in it? So what!
The occupants were released from the carriage after firefighters contacted an engineer who helped restart the 285ft (87m) lift on Wednesday evening.

Scarborough council has blamed "staff error" and apologised for the incident.
So, they’ll be sacked for gross negligence, then....?

Maybe not:
Brian Bennett, Scarborough Borough Council's head of tourism and culture, said: "At this stage, we are able to confirm that this unfortunate incident was the result of a staff error and not a technical problem with the operation of the lift.

"We are continuing to investigate the matter fully and are reviewing all our operational procedures.
Do you really need an ‘operational procedure’ to ensure your staff don’t simply knock off on the dot without checking to see if the lift is empty....?

What sort of people are you employing, for heaven’s sake! And why are you still employing them?


Dan said...

I watched a recorded episode of the Apprentice last night - Paula Jones was fired.She was fired because she allowed the budget for their toiletry products to run out of control, spending £700 on sandalwood oil instead of 'about a fiver' on cedarwood oil.

She told HR Magazine: Coming from a local council HR role in her home town of Walsall in the West Midlands, Paula claimed: "People from the public sector often don't get the respect they deserve but there is absolutely no reason why I can't stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone else from the business world."

She worked in the public sector.

And has no idea about controlling costs.

Does this ring any bells with anyone?

JuliaM said...


That just encapsulates it all, doesn't it....?

Von Spreuth said...

Very good. But WHAT has it got to do with some shite on T.V?

Von Brandenburg-Preußen.

Mummy x said...

Breathing will soon be a real problem if the MSM are anything to go by

Mummy x

Rob said...

gross incompetence is making a slightly risky remark about race or gender, or voting for the wrong party.

Killing people, abandoning the public, etc, are 'staff errors' for which punishment is inappropriate and which instead are mitigated by staff training (or 'jollies', as one used to call them).