Saturday 11 April 2009

Labour's True Colours....

....are on display today.


Well played, vermin, well played indeed. Yet another own goal. Bet sales of Nokia handsets are going up!


Oldrightie said...

Yup and those colours are probably very unpleasant shades of brown!

Dr Evil said...

Vermin are delighful, nice creatures compared to the denizens of No10 and the odious labour spin/sleaze merchants. Their true colours are a combination of bright red and the vile, sickly bilious green of stench and decay.

Dave H said...

At 7:30 this morning BBC Breakfast gave the usual summary of the news headlines (main item McBrides 'resignation').

And the very next news story? Because I'm too lazy to transcribe it, I took this off the Breakfast website:

"By Dan Simmons
Reporter, BBC Click

Testing times for mobile phones

Have you ever dropped your mobile phone, sat on it or spilt coffee all over it? Thought so.

But handsets are getting tougher these days thanks to a series of tests they go through before hitting the shops..."

On the actual broadcast the intro had footage of mobile phones smashing into things. (Check IPlayer if you think I'm fibbing).

Priceless. Were they being naughty? It brightened up a grey morning.