Sunday, 11 April 2010

"...I feel the heat of your desert heart..."

Southend seafront now has a more exotic look after a dozen palm trees were planted.

Eventually, 100 trees will be planted as part of Southend Council’s City Beach scheme.

The majority of the trees will be placed to the west of the pier, while a small number will go to the east.
So far, so ho-hum, as a local council spends yet more public money on pointless street furniture.

But oh, look, what’s this picture caption?
Continental feel - Southend councillor Anna Waite admires the first of 12 palms to go up on Southend seafront.
Err, hang on. Is this the same Anna Waite who was in the Echo the other day extolling her enthusiasm for vital habitats for bees?

Just what use are UK bees to make of foreign palm trees, Anna?

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