Saturday, 10 April 2010

Isn’t It Nearly Time For Another Twitter Mob?

Release the easily outraged!
Controversial comedian Frankie Boyle has been criticised for picking on the parents of a girl with Down's syndrome and making fun of the disabled.
And we’re off!
His behaviour has prompted outrage after the couple, Sharon and Kieron Smith, both 37, revealed their ordeal to friends on Twitter. Gavin And Stacey actor Matthew Horne was among those attacking Boyle's targeting of Down's syndrome.
The mob has spoken. This area is off limits!
Mr Smith, managing director of an online book company, said: 'We're fans of comedy. We've been to lots of live stand-up shows. We knew what to expect, or we thought we did.'
Mr Boyle’s 113-date tour is titled ‘I Would Happily Punch Every One Of You In The Face’…
'I'm still fuming. We both believe in freedom of speech but Boyle's jokes were borne from ignorance and based on stereotypes. We knew he was a dry, cutting comedian, but we thought he was intelligent and clever with it. It appears not.'
So, you believe in freedom of speech, but not when it’s something that upsets you?You believe someone to be intelligent and clever only until he says something you persobnally don't agree with?

Welcome to the ranks of the Righteous, Mr Smith!

Update: Mummylonglegs takes aim at the identity group jumping on this particular bandwagon...


Ross said...

It's always time for a Twitter mob.

Complaining about offensive material when they've chosen to see a Frankie Boyle show is like going on scuba diving holiday and demanding an apology when their hair gets wet.

The Great Simpleton said...

So they claim that they like comedy. Well given that comedians make their living out of taking the piss out of one group or others' stereotype its a bit rich of them to start complaining when its their turn.

Anonymous said...

I think most of the Mail comments summed it all up as well as Mummylongleg's posting. I love comedy but I can't stand him, I also loathe Michael MacIntyre so I wouldn't go and see them. With Frankie Boyle you surely know what you are going to get. Dickheads.

JuliaM said...

"It's always time for a Twitter mob. "


"...its a bit rich of them to start complaining when its their turn."

Indeed. I experct the lure of some publicity for their indignation helped...

"With Frankie Boyle you surely know what you are going to get."

And where better to go if you want to be gratuitously offended?