Saturday, 17 April 2010

Life Imitates Art…

Carl Geary died a month ago from a heart attack as he campaigned to be selected for the small country town. Despite his sudden death he still polled over three times as many votes as his rival in the election in Tracy City, Tennessee.
And if that rings a bell, congratulations on your TV tastes, fellow ‘West Wing’ fan!
Geary, 55, was known for his straight talking and served on the local council. He polled 285 votes to his rival's 85.

Local business owners said the vote to elect Geary was as a protest against the current mayor, Barbara Brock.

"I knew he was deceased. I know that sounds stupid, but we wanted someone other than her," said Chris Rogers, owner of the town's Lunch Box restaurant.

"If he were to run again next week I'd vote for him again."

Still, Babs isn’t bitter…much:
Barbara Brock, who lost out to the dead rival, had campaigned on her efforts to beautify the Tracy City which has a population of 1600 and is 80 miles from Nashville.

She said she was shocked that the town would vote for someone who is "pushing up the daisies" rather than planting them.
Keep it up, love, and you probably won’t get elected dogcatcher, either!

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Anonymous said...

I know Martin Sheen can be a little wooden at times, and his dentures never did fit properly, but it's going too far to compare him to a corpse.