Thursday, 15 April 2010

It’s Only An Approved Tactic When WE Do It…

Seth Freedman in ‘CiF’ comments on the escalating war between the pro-Palestinian and pro-settler factions:
Targeting Israeli businesses via the threat of boycotts is usually the preserve of radical forces from abroad, but the latest sanctions storm to hit the country is very much an internal affair.
It seems the other side has seen how the trick is done, and turned the tables:
Tzomet Sefarim, one of the nation's largest booksellers, this week bowed to intense pressure from rightwing critics to stop selling The National Left, a political pamphlet which heavily criticises the settler movement.
Ooooh, how’s that sauce taste, Mr Gander?
In response to the chain's decision, a raft of Israeli academics have called for a boycott of the company, describing Tzomet Sefarim's behaviour as "a serious threat to the foundations of Israeli democracy".
Eh..? It’s a ‘threat to democracy’ when a company doesn’t stock an item due to a public outrage and grandstanding politicians?

Someone better tell Primark to get those bikinis back on sale quickly!

Oddly, Seth himself seems to agree wholeheartedly with this bizarre concept:
In the meantime, this week's furore is yet another revealing sign that all is far from well underneath the façade of Israel's claim to be a fully functional bastion of democracy.
Yes, you aren’t a fully-functioning bastion of democracy if your bookshops don’t stock every single book and pamphlet known to man!

This strikes commenters as a little odd, too:
Commenter taxesandcuts says: “So a chain of bookstores decides not to stock a particular book and this is undemocratic?

Surely in a democracy they can choose what to stock.

Has the author been arrested. Is the book actually banned. Are people who do sell it or buy it arrested? These would indicate a lack of democracy.

I can't get Paul Newmans Ceasar salad dressing in Lidl. They refuse to stock it. I have to go to Tesco. Does this infringe my democratic rights?

Plus I support the Palestinians but the article was so stupid I had to say so.”
Which draws this stinging response from the intellectually-challenged Mr Freedman:
“…that you genuinely can't see the difference between your inane salad dressing example and the issue at hand is disturbing. but well done anyway for supporting the palestinians - i'm sure they're eternally grateful for counting such an esteemed philosopher amongst their ranks
Oooooh, girlfriend! That showed him, right?

And I’m sure the Palestinians will be eternally grateful to have yet one more western idiot running interference for them, no matter how stupid he makes himself look in the process…


Uncle Marvo said...

My 8 year old girl has a friend who has a pole installed in her bedroom.

That is all.

Chuckles said...

I'd imagine the book doesn't taste as good sprinkled over lettuce, croutons and parmesan?

Uncle M,
Yes, those immigrants are everywhere these days, can't turn your back for a second.

Uncle Marvo said...

Ho ho

English Viking said...

Surely the easiest way to solve the Middle East Peace Crisis is to just kill all the Palestinians, or am I missing something?

JuliaM said...

"My 8 year old girl has a friend who has a pole installed in her bedroom."

Damn, Chuckles beat me to it... ;)

"Surely the easiest way to solve the Middle East Peace Crisis is to just kill all the Palestinians..."

Well, it's one way. A lot of the uslims seem to be endeavouring to find another, though similar, way...

David Gillies said...

Well I don't support the bloody Palestinians and in fact wish the Israelis would stop pussy-footing around and come down on them like the Hammer of God. Compared to that, not stocking some witless barbarian-apologia is pretty small potatoes.