Saturday, 10 April 2010

Pompous Self-Publicist Attacks Website For Pompous Self-Publicists

Yes, it’s everyone’s favourite Peadofinder General, Jim Gamble, who is taking time out from his busy schedule avoiding awkward questions about the total farce that Op Ore turned out to be to launch an attack on Facebook:
Jim Gamble, who heads the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop), said he had "real concerns" about the social networking site's work to protect children.
People have ‘real concerns’ about your own organisation, Jim lad.
He challenged the company to reveal evidence that its staff are working to disrupt devious criminals and bullies who lurk online.
‘When did you stop beating your wives?’
Mr Gamble said investigators received 252 complaints about sexual grooming, bullying and hacking from Facebook users in the first three months of this year, but none of these had been provided by the company itself. His comments are the latest salvo in an increasingly bitter feud over Facebook's refusal to add a "panic" button to its site's most popular pages. Ceop wants the button, which enables users to report abuse, to be given prominent use.
Clearly, people are managing to report complaints without the need for a button, so why the fuss?
Mr Gamble was speaking ahead of his crunch meeting with Facebook bosses in Washington DC on Monday, where he will call for them to break the deadlock.
I think the ‘Indy’ hack accidentally typed ‘break the deadlock’ there where he meant to type ‘capitulate to CEOP’s demands’…
"Facebook say their system is robust and we have no reason not to believe them," he said yesterday.
Well, that’s nice of you, Jim lad.

Do I hear a ‘But..’?
"Our reports are increasing monthly. In the first quarter of this year we have had 252 complaints about Facebook. None came direct from Facebook. If their system is so robust and they are receiving so many reports and concerns from young people, then where are they?"
Well – and try to contain yourself when you hear this, I’m positive it’ll come as a big shock – maybe they aren’t reporting them to you but to real enforcement agencies?

I know! Terrible, isn’t it?
He said the company was good at removing pornography and obscene content, as it is required to do so by law in the US.

"I believe Facebook confuse their approach to content with their approach to behaviour and that is the root of the problem," he said. "That is where predators go online, engage the young and vulnerable, and lure them offline where they can abuse them. In many cases young people in the online environment are bullied to the point of suicide."
How many? Facts and figures, Jim lad.

And after Op Ore, we’ll want to look very, very closely at anything you produce….


increasinglymiffed said...

Indeed - Operation Ore drove innocent people to suicide........

Tim Almond said...

He said the company was good at removing pornography and obscene content, as it is required to do so by law in the US.

There is no such law in the US (except a few types of pornography), and when one was tried, it was beaten down by the US Supreme Court.

RantinRab said...

It's all bullshit. The big peado bogeyman on the internet. Protect the cheeldren by passing legislation that allows them to spy on us all.

Anonymous said...

Mr Gamble is like all ACPO members. It is all about 'ME, ME, ME'! If reports are being made what is the problem? I'm not sure I even understand what CEOP atually does other than it is another private ACPO police unit. They need to maintain fear to maintain the budget and government grants. He seems to be making a big fuss to give the impression of actually doing something, the usual 'busy doing nothing' mentality of so many senior police managers. All I've heard about CEOP is this Facebook business over the last few weeks - nothing else. What do 'they' actuyally do and what have 'they' actually DONE?

Chuckles said...

And how much does your operation cost us every year Mr. Gamble. And what EXACTLY do we get in return?

JuliaM said...

"I'm not sure I even understand what CEOP atually does..."

Keeps Mr Gamble in luxury?

"And how much does your operation cost us every year Mr. Gamble. And what EXACTLY do we get in return?"

A good question. We know the benefits to Mr Gamble.

But what about the benefits to US?

Anonymous said...

The prefix is paedo-. Pedantry over.

Good joke by Richard Herring on HIGNFY. He noted the preponderance of two-syllable abbreviations like J-Lo, SuBo, etc. and wonder why no-one ever does this for Pete Doherty.