Thursday, 29 April 2010

There’s Still Room In Labour’s Mouth For Another Foot…

…and how fitting that it should be John Prescott’s, who immediately leaped to defend his critically-wounded leader by claiming it was a media plot wot done it:
I've been out on battle bus today with our special guest Harriet Harman.
Well, I guess a battle bus isn’t complete without a battleaxe
…I only just discovered in the last hour or so what happened to Gordon. While the media are concentrating on what he said and the apology, the real story is how and why it happened.
Oh, I think we know that, John…
Yet again, the dying Murdoch empire is doing all it can to influence a British election.

That’s it? That’s the real story? That Gordon would have gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids reporters?
…today, the Murdoch family reached a new low in their desperate attempt to turn the election for the Tories. News International's Sky News broadcast a private conversation between Gordon and his staff.
What Murdoch's Sky News did today was just as bad as his paper's phone-hacking. It was a breach of privacy. It was underhand. And it was done in the pursuit of ratings and political influence.
He put the microphone on for the broadcasters to catch his every word on the campaign trail, you oaf! It’s hardly their fault the cretin forgot to take it off before whining like a petulant schoolboy forced to meet an aunt he can’t stand, is it?
So let's show them that Britain is not for sale. That an Australian with an American passport cannot buy our general election.
No, he can’t.

But a bumbling incompetent who should never ever have been allowed into Number Ten can lose it…

Update: Constantly Furious has the same reaction.


Constantly Furious said...

As you say, Snap! ;-)

staybryte said...

I went into town on Tuesday afternoon to run a few errands and who should I see haranguing a bemused crowd but our former deputy Prime Minister, one J Prescott.

One ghastly prole - not altogether sober perhaps but a voter nonetheless - was asking him something I couldn't really make out - may have been immigration I think.

Prescott's response was utterly bizarre. He started shouting something about: "Well if the Tories get in they'll hold elections for you to become a judge. What do you think about that sir? Eh?"

There was tumbleweed silence until one large chap shouted: "Ahh you're full of shit Prescott."

I'd seen enough but as I was walking away I overheard a young man with a neck tattoo and a baseball cap at a jaunty angle telling his friend: "Look bro, if the Conservative (sic) get in we're all f#cked. You won't get the house when she has the kid."

I felt a bit depressed really.

JuliaM said...

Oh, you should have filmed that...!

Macheath said...

"the real story is how and why it happened."

The real story is that the Prime Minister has conclusively demonstrated his contempt for one of the electorate and seems to think himself at fault not for holding such an attitude but for allowing it to be overheard.

It's worrying that so many of Labour's elite seem to share his opinion.

JuliaM said...

Worrying, yes.

But not really surprising...