Friday, 23 April 2010

The Purity Tests Begin…

David Cameron was urged to sack one of his frontbench team who said the age of consent for homosexuals should not have been lowered to 16 because it put teenage boys at "serious physical risk" and in danger of catching HIV.
Because aparrantly, having a belief or opinion that doesn’t conform to the progressive orthodoxy is outrageous!
Dr Lewis, 58, has a history of voting against legislation enshrining gay rights. He opposed adoptions by gay couples and also battled against the repeal of Section 28 – a law enacted by Margaret Thatcher's Tory government in 1988 to prevent schools from "promoting" homosexuality. Dr Lewis, does, however, back civil partnerships.
Now, that would make any normal person think that he’s looked at each of those policies carefully, and weighed them up, and decided that some deserve support, and others don’t.

But no. This isn’t a pick & mix. You have to have the whole lot to satisfy the Righteous.
Challenged about his views on the dangers of homosexual sex, he said: "I do not hold myself up as any kind of expert in this and I am willing to be shown I'm wrong if I am wrong, but I honestly don't think I am wrong."
Gosh, that sounds like a bigot, doesn’t it?

Labour gleefully jumped on this:
The Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, urged the Conservative leader to sack Dr Lewis from his shadow cabinet. He said: "[Mr Cameron has] been seeking the votes of gay people ... but [his] frontbench team includes people who are against any notion of homosexual equality. [He needs] to show some leadership and sack Mr Lewis."
The spectacle of a Labour politician opining on the subject of leadership just blew all the dials on my irony meter…
Last night, the Conservative leadership distanced itself from Dr Lewis' remarks, but allowed him to keep his job as shadow defence minister. "These are Dr Lewis' long held and personal views," a spokesman said. "They are not the view of the Conservative Party and the terms in which he expressed them is wrong. Under this Labour government we have seen a massive increase in HIV infections and STDs across all the population – straight and gay."
A tame comeback. If Cameron doesn’t see off the identity politics mavens, they’ll hound him all through any premiership he gets.

In fact, they’ll do that anyway. So there’s nothing to be lost, and everything to be gained, by making a stand now.

How about it, Dave?


Uncle Marvo said...

I can't begin to explain to anyone of the "persuasion" how bloody lucky I consider myself to have a Mum and a Dad.

It's bollocks, same sex parenting. Bollocks.

That's free speech, up there ^^^^^^

Now I'll shut up and let people read your blog properly.

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

The new policy on tolerance and diversity is that absolute conformance is mandatory and no diversity will be tolerated.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Dave? Premiership?

Is this Dave Cameron you're talking about?

I think you may have your wires crossed somewhere.

subrosa said...

You know Julia, if pensioners received just a fraction of the attention the gay group receive from politicians, we might just start believing we were part of this 'diverse' society.