Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Diversity Targets Encapsulated…

It’s hard not to think that the DeBique debacle has arisen because of the diversity targets culture.
She was told the Army was a 'war-fighting machine' and 'unsuitable for a single mother who couldn't sort out her childcare arrangements'.
And that’s not wrong, though god knows, if the progressives have their way, that’s exactly what it’s going to become…
The case could have massive implications if other recruits argue that their childcare rights must be considered.
As they will, sure as eggs is eggs…
Tory politician Patrick Mercer, a former Army officer, warned last night: 'The defence budget is already hugely overstrained.

'If specialist childcare arrangements have to be made for every soldier who doesn't have an extended family to help it will be cripplingly expensive.'
Hard not to think that, as far as the progressives are concerned, that’s exactly the plan.
Miss DeBique also won a claim of race discrimination because Army chiefs did not let her bring her half-sister from the Caribbean to look after the child.

The former corporal, whose daughter is now four, told the Central London Employment Tribunal that British soldiers could rely on their families for childcare, but her relatives were all on her home island of St Vincent, where she was recruited.

This second victory raises serious questions about the Army's ability to recruit from Commonwealth countries if it will be held responsible for soldiers' childcare arrangements.
So, stop.

What could we lose? The chance to look good in brochures?


Macheath said...

The case could have massive implications if other recruits argue that their childcare rights must be considered

This settlement risks giving spurious moral justification - in their own eyes at least - to all parents who fail to fulfil work obligations in any sphere because of childcare problems.

Letters From A Tory said...

As soon as I read this story on the BBC website, I wondered what the hell racial discrimination had to do with this? Now I found out that purely because she is from another country, it is classed as racial discrimination, even in the complete absence of evidence that she was being treated differently from anyone else.

What a joke.

KenS said...

Law of unintended consequence: Every time one of these stories hits the streets, it makes it more likely that women will be (very quietly, very subtly) discriminated against. Apply for a job? A man will get it. Not for any reason you could hang a sexist charge on, but it'll happen. Promotion? For some reason, the man will be the best person for the job. Nothing to do with possible childcare issues, no, no, no.

Anonymous said...

Quite right Ken,

Pretty soon, it will be unheard of for any employer to offer a candidate a job, while face to face at the interview.
The parting phrase will be "We have other candidates to see, then we will be in touch."

No-one makes a rod for their own back.

Anonymous said...

Race Card - Check.
Gender Card - Check.

Turning down postings WITH childcare provided - Check.
Looking for work in the same field in AFGHANISTAN (an area world renowned for child care facilities) - Check.
She wants £1.1 MILLION! Why?
Because she's worth it! (NOT!)
The fact that this case has even been brought without the tribuneral dying of laughter is disgusting. She joined up, she should have had the intellect to work out the regs but under Zanu-Arbeit's "Yooman Rites" she is set to get a better payout than winning the Lottery! And so our nation dies a little more...