Saturday, 18 December 2010

Heartless And Soulless….

When Anthony Cotter’s last dog Scrappy died in 2008, he got permission from Oxford City Council to have a dog from Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary, provided it did not annoy or intimidate neighbours.

But now the council has said Charlie, a doberman-German Shepherd cross, is too large for Mr Cotter’s first-floor flat. It wants him to swap the dog for a smaller breed.

It wants him to swap his pet? Like it was a too-large TV, or faulty microwave oven?
Oxford City Council spokesman Louisa Dean said: “We gave this tenant permission to have a dog which was suitable for the property.

“This would have been a small or medium-sized dog.”
Oh, really? Because the only conditions he claims you placed on his choice were behavioural ones, not size-related ones…

Still, I’m sure you’ve got a record of your instructions to him to prove him wrong.

Haven’t you?
“However, the tenant decided to get a large dog which has caused problems for his neighbours.

“He was asked to exchange the dog for a smaller, more manageable breed, but refused.”
Dear god, just imagine the utter carbon-dense piece of shrivelled coal that must occupy the space in Louisa Dean’s chest cavity, where any normal person’s heart would be, that she could even consider suggesting such a thing…

This is why local councils are held in such contempt by most of the population. They either attract creatures like Dean, or they convert normal people into creatures like Dean after a period of time.

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