Thursday, 2 December 2010

Late Entry In The 2010 Chutzpah Stakes

Evelyn Kerrigan Lebloch (senior lecturer in Social Work at London Metropolitan University) and Peter Beresford (professor of social policy at Brunel University) with their response to Tim Loughton's plans for the limited use of volunteers:
...volunteers may place vulnerable children at greater risk of harm, however good their intentions, merely by their inexperience and lack of accountability.
Really? You think they are likely to have a greater lack of accountability than registered social workers?

I find that very unlikely...


Greencoat said...

'senior lecturer in Social Work', stop, please stop...hee-hee

The darling buds of may said...

The key word is "may"

The whole of the left liberally uses words like 'may' and 'possibly' and 'fear' as well as phrases such as 'at risk' and 'experts predict' to mask the fact they haven't got a clue.

They have ideas -- plenty of them -- and are more than willing to share them. But given that their ideas are frequently to do with control and restriction then they really shouldn't bother.

The left (the so called progressives) frequently can only find reasons for not doing things, unless it is calling for such vague things as 'more accountability' and 'peaceful intentions.'

But in all fairness I have to say socialists and lefties MAY one day have a good idea, but I am not cancelling any holidays in the meantime.

JuliaM said...

"The key word is "may""