Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The Year In Review: Part II


This was the month that started the avalanche of ‘celebrities’ using Twitter as a brand new way to stick their foot firmly in their mouths


This was the month that the weather started getting warmer, and the underclass showed off the critical thinking skills instilled by the comprehensive education system…

Oh, and there was an election, and the government changed. Or, did it?


This was the month that we joined the US in seeing spree killing used as a panacea for the woes of inadequates.


Jiks said...

I think the biggest let-down of the year was the non-change of government. I didn't expect much from the new lot but they have comprehensivly failed to live up to my (minimal) expectations.

Same policies, more or less, same lies. I can't see myself voting for a mainstream party again as they really do seem to be The Party rather than parties.

JuliaM said...


I too felt they would prove to be a disappointment, but the speed with which they proved it surprised me...