Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Your Data, Safe In Their Hands!

The personal details of hundreds of elderly and vulnerable people have been found discarded in a street.

A 133-page document with the names, date of birth, address and social security numbers of around 800 people, being looked after by Carewatch Essex, was found on a pavement in Vicarage Close, Canvey.
Whoops! Bit of a problem for a company that '...prides itself on the quality of its services to people in South East Essex'...
The resident who found the book contacted Carewatch using an e-mail address on the firm’s website, as soon as she found the document on Saturday.

But the primary school teacher, 41, who asked not to be named, handed over the file to the Echo on Monday, after hearing nothing from the company.
Ah. That must be why they are advertising on their website for 'reliable caring individuals with good communication skills'.
Jan Reed, general manager of the Hadleigh-based branch of Carewatch, which cares for people throughout south-east Essex, initially said she was unaware of the lost document.

She later confirmed an employee had reported the loss on Sunday.
It doesn't pay to lie to the press...
She said: “This is being dealt with internally.

“All I can say is thank you to the person who handed it in.

“We can only assume, if it was found on the street, the care worker slipped, but we are continuing our investigations.”
Hey, aren't there other people skilled in investigation who could help?
The loss was not reported to police.


Chuckles said...

Do pay attention AP. The fact that they pride themselves on the quality of their services does not imply that there is any quality, merely that they are proud.
Perhaps modesty would be a better target, as per the old quote?

Furor Teutonicus said...

I just looked at that quick and read "hundreds of elderly and vulnerable people have been found discarded in a street."

WHY, I ask myself was I NOT surprised?