Monday, 20 December 2010

You Better Call Him MISTER Tibbs...

...or else:
A disabled farmer who took a potshot at a fox described yesterday how his house was stormed by armed police after he unwittingly hit two burglars.
Edward Tibbs, 63, went out on his mobility scooter in the dead of night when he heard his geese becoming distressed.
After spotting the fox and firing at it, he returned to his home at Elm Farm in Crays Hill, near Basildon in Essex, and went to bed.
It was only when 16 armed officers arrived hours later as a police helicopter hovered overhead that he learned two people had been treated at hospital for gunshot wounds to their backs and legs.
Naturally, they weren't coming to congratulate him on his 'pest control' methods:
During the police investigation it emerged that, unknown to Mr Tibbs, a cannabis factory had been set up in an outbuilding he was renting to tenants on his 650-acre farm. Firearms were also found in the outbuilding.
The injured men, both from Basildon and aged 27 and 30, were arrested on suspicion of possessing a firearm. They were later released without charge. It is understood they are not connected with the notorious illegal travellers’ camp at Crays Hill, which is a short distance from Elm Farm.
A police insider said they refused to make formal complaints about Mr Tibbs, meaning that there was no evidence to disprove his version of events. Two women, aged 39 and 63, were arrested in connection with the 50 cannabis plants found on the farm but they, too, were not charged.
Well, that was a success all round, eh, Essex Police?
Essex Police said inquiries were continuing into who was responsible for the cannabis factory.
It's a total mystery, I'm sure. Still, at least you can rest secure that Mr Tibbs is doing your job for you, eh?

They also confirmed that two firearms licences held by Mr Tibbs for 20 years had been revoked because he was ‘unfit to be entrusted with a firearm and may present a danger to public safety and peace’.
Seems to me he's doing a far better job of keeping the peace than you are! Perhaps you'd like to give him his guns back and give him shooting lesso..

Ah. Right. Maybe not...

H/T: TheHonLady via Twitter


RAB said...

Sorriee! but my bullshit detector has gone off again, just like it did when I first heard of the Newlywed murder in S Africa.

Mr Tibbs is shooting foxes at four in the morning in his pajamas and riding his mobility scooter?

Yes course he was! Is that a squadron of Saddlebacks I see flying past the window?

It's his MS that tips it for me. Dope is very good for MS sufferers, it cuts out the shakes and spasms they regularly get.

He knew exactly what was in the outbuilding and was protecting it.

And happy Christmas Julia. It is always a pleasure to drop in here.

James Higham said...

Hit two crims? Give him Life.

Anonymous said...

"Hit two crims? Give him a Lifetime award." ?

Captain Haddock said...

Anon @ 1926 ..

Absolutely .. especially if they were thieving Pikey fucktards ..

Anonymous said...

I err here towards Haddock rather than RAB, though note it could be ableist to consider the disabled Mr. Tibbs incapable of running a drugs empire.
All reminds me of one of my undergrad law questions = 'X shoots his wife believing her to be a clay pigeon. Comment on his legal liability'.
Essex Knacker hardly cover themselves in glory. One hopes the next part of the saga does not involve Gadgwet's usual 'how were we to know he was in danger amongst the thousands who have to shoot shotguns off at intruders everyday?'. Is anyone looking after Mr. Tibbs?

JuliaM said...

" bullshit detector has gone off again, just like it did when I first heard of the Newlywed murder in S Africa."

Indeed, it doesn't pass the 'smell test', does it?

And merry Christmas to you! :)

" could be ableist to consider the disabled Mr. Tibbs incapable of running a drugs empire."


"Is anyone looking after Mr. Tibbs?"

Well, Essex Police would say it was their job, but remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away...

Chuckles said...

Hmm, Sounds like the old Quaker line, 'I would not harm thee for the world, but thee standeth where I am about to shoot...'

And why has no-one told us how the alleged fox 'feels' about this?