Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Vigilantism I

A man found hacked to death in his home yesterday may have been killed in revenge for fatally poisoning a teenager with ecstasy at a drug-fuelled party four years ago.
He held her down and poured drugs down her throat?
Miss Deary, 18, died after taking a cocktail of drugs supplied by McGinty at a party in West Croydon.
Ah. Clearly not.
Croydon Coroner Roy Palmer recorded an open verdict on the death but agreed she had died after possibly unknowingly taking MDMA or ecstasy.
So, it was disguised in her drink, or something? She didn’t realise what sort of party she was attending?
At the trial, guest Paul Vickers, said: “Everyone else was taking drugs at the party. There was a powder and tablets.

They were just open on the side.” Another guest, Danny Lane, told the court: “Carla came outside to talk to me and that’s when she told me she had taken MDMA.

“She kept asking me if she was going to be all right.”


blueknight said...

...jailed for 18 months in January 2009 at Croydon Crown Court.
He probably served half the sentence and has just been let out so a revenge attack is looking likely...

JuliaM said...

Sadly, I think you're right.

But it could just be that the 'he's gone straight' crowd aren't aware of everything he was doing, and this is a 'business dispute'...