Friday, 17 December 2010

Ban Everything!

The grieving parents of a young woman who died after taking a “legal high” drug say Government plans for a temporary ban on such substances will not be enough.
I can understand why they feel this way. But shouldn't this be a question for the scientists and legal experts to decide?
Sarah Forsyth, 35, died in August after taking the substance, Ivory Wave, to lose weight.

An inquest has yet to be held into her death but her parents, Margaret and Robin Moyle, of Cant Way, Braintree, say they are sure the substance killed Sarah.

They and are now campaigning for a total ban on the sale of such drugs and for greater public awareness of the damage they can cause.
Hang on, to 'lose weight'? So it wasn't a 'legal high', then?
The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Bill, currently being discussed by MPs, proposes temporary bans on legal highs while their effects are investigated and tough penalties for those caught dealing in them.

Mr Moyle said: “It needs to be a complete ban. The Government should totally ban these substances.”
And if they have other uses, legitimate ones? I guess that's just tough, is it?
Braintree MP Brooks Newmark has written to the minister responsible for internet matters, Ed Vaizey, about the fact the drug is still available online.

He said: “I agree if the Home Office deems something to be unsafe and bans it, it should remain banned unless there is scientific evidence to the contrary.

One year is not good enough. I would like to see legal highs no longer legal.”
He must realise that if one substance is banned, then they'll just move on to another? Where will all this end?


Anonymous said...

One death is a tragedy a million deaths is a statistic.

Clarissa said...

Where will all this end?

It'll end when politicians stop pandering to the Daily Fail and the bansturbators.

Which will be when Hell freezes over.

Angry Exile said...

FFS. Can you take my comment as read, please? My head will be busy repeatedly hitting the desk for a while.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Yeah, but as you pointed out yourself, it was not a 'legal high'.

James Higham said...

That's a valid question at the end. Thin edge, which I suspect the govt. wants.

pa_broon74 said...


I say that because I would really appreciate what I can and cannot do being dictated to me by a grief stricken parent. This seems emminently more sensible than relying on empirical eveidence and cold unemotional science.

I feel sorry for the parents of course, but they'd do better to advice people to just step away from the pies for a bit.

Dr Evil said...

Quite a number of illegal drugs can be taken or administered safely if you know what you are doing. But all drugs can have side effects and cause adverse events in a few people.

Cause and effect hasn't been proven in this case I take it? Of course you get drug interactions too which can kill or make people very ill.

Nick Name said...

Politicians (and the more hysterical press outlets) focus on the intoxicating effects of anything/everything, even where they are incidental to any other function.

So, a preparation taken to assist weight loss (a stimulant?) is a 'legal high'. Taken to the extreme (and they probably eventually will) cream in aerosol cans should be banned as the propellent used in the can is laughing gas, popularly viewed as a stimulant (it's actually a sedative).

Captain Haddock said...

Does anyone else remember that lengthy song "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly" .. sung by Burl Ives ?

Well .. that's the way we're heading .. Ban everything, until there's nothing left to ban .. or we're all dead ..

Then who will the Politicians have left to fuck about ?

Jiks said...

Where will it all end?

Well, at the risk of posting something serious for once...

It will end with a "White List" of approved substances, foods and behaviours. If not specifically allowed, it will be illegal. Our implanted RFID chips will ensure compliance.

*dons tinfoil hat and retreats to his bunker*

JuliaM said...

"Which will be when Hell freezes over."

Have you seen the weather forecast? ;)

"Yeah, but as you pointed out yourself, it was not a 'legal high'."

Well, I'm a little dubious about the 'slimming aid' story...

"Cause and effect hasn't been proven in this case I take it? "

I'm not sure anyone (maybe not even the coroner!) is even looking for it...

"It will end with a "White List" of approved substances, foods and behaviours. "

I fear you are right.

Uncle Gus said...

"Ban Legal Highs", right?

So to be banned it must be legal. And it must make someone feel good.

"Ah, I feel so much better for that cup of tea!"