Tuesday, 7 December 2010

‘But They Are So Wonderfully Cheap!’

Ministers are introducing an annual cap on immigration which would result in a cut in work permits for workers from outside the EU.
Hurrah! Right?

Well, some aren't so happy:
But Sheila Watson, who runs two care homes in Essex, said the majority of her staff are from outside the EU and are professional, reliable, highly trained nurses with excellent English.
And cheap as chips! And why is that?
She said: “This is a widespread problem. If we could recruit locally we would. We advertise continually, but very seldom get anybody who wants to work the hours.

“It’s unsociable seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. It takes a special kind of person to do the job.”
In other words, one not receiving a decent living 'wage' to sit around doing nothing all day...
The Essex Independent Care Association said the review does not recognise the problems of social care recruitment.

David Holroyd, from the group, said: “We have shown time and again there is a recruitment crisis in social care. Recruitment from outside the EU of care staff has been a great success and compensated for the lack of willingness of the local population to work in the industry.”
There's an answer to that without importing more workers from abroad, though, surely?
However Anna Waite, Southend Council’s councillor responsible for adult social care

Wait. What? You mean..?

Yup. That Anna Waite. Having ruined Southend’s road system, she’s now intent on bringing all her amazing skills to bear on adult social care. Be afraid. Be very afraid…

At least, though, on this subject, she’s actually managed to hit the nail on the head:

… questioned whether there was a problem with recruiting. She said: “I’m not aware of any issues with recruitment. We have to limit non EU immigration. We just can’t carry on when we have high unemployment levels ourselves.”


Dr Evil said...

If the care industry would pay decent wages there would be no problem. After all they do charge sky high fees.

Anonymous said...

This is a problem with 'scut work' - stuff no one wants to do. We used to look after our own. Now we don't and won't pay the rate.

JuliaM said...

"If the care industry would pay decent wages there would be no problem."

They are businesses. And no business shells out a high price for raw materials when they come cheaply.

Cut off the supply of cheap, work-for-next-to-nothing labour, and this problem will resolve itself.

"We used to look after our own. Now we don't and won't pay the rate."

Because we don't need to, when we can find people (very easily) who will work for less than that...

bnzss said...

Not really sure I see the problem in hiring cheap labour for work nobody else wnats to do.