Saturday 19 February 2011

Call Off The Manhunt!

Quiet Man notes yet another case for my growing collection:
Chief Insp Ken Elmes said residents need no longer worry about the attack.

"I am relieved that the hunt for suspected kidnappers and a rapist can be closed," he said.

"Officers are still going to be working to establish what was behind the allegation, but they are not investigating a kidnap or rape."
So, just what ARE they investigating? Their own duping?

Of course not, because they are still churning out that familiar old mantra:
"As this case has illustrated, Kent police take all allegations of rape and sexual assault very seriously and are committed to thoroughly investigating each case, hence the considerable amount of time and resources allocated to enquires."
If that sounds a bit familiar, that's because it's almost word for word what the police have said in every single other case that's come to light in the last few months.

Think about it - it happens so often they've got a prepared statement for it.

'Rare event', eh?


banned said...

Not familiar with this story but BBC Radio spent all day on Friday 18th Feb backtracking on a letter sent out by Devon & Cornwall Police Service to the parents of children at 14 Devon schools warning of a possible gang of serial paedos operating in the countys' schools. "Have your kids been paedo'd?".

Turns out that one 19 year old man has been arrested as a one off offender against girls that he knew, ie not involving schools at all. Not good, agreed, but also no reason to start a panic about paedos in schools.

SadButMadLad said...

The letter was sent out by the schools not the police. The schools said "in partnership with the police" but the police denied all responsibility for it.
"Police chiefs stressed at a briefing in Paignton the children had not been targeted by strangers hanging around schools.

Det Insp Snell added: “I must emphasise we are not dealing with paedophiles targeting children outside school."

dr cromarty said...

Paedogeddon, me deario. As I'm sure they're saying in Torbay.

Anonymous said...

can we have the name of the suspect in this case please? Or perhaps we should wait until she is charged, or maybe even prosecuted. *holds breath*

MTG said...

Any increase in the male suicide rate could be buried by a technical mantra for police-assisted character assassination.

Something like 'terminal reputation disfigurement' would appear so much less distressing on a death much the same way as 'positional asphyxiation' makes far better reading than 'thoracic crushing induced by 480Kg of fat policemen', yes?

Anonymous said...

480 is not a fat police man thats just average init?

Anonymous said...

anon @ 13:20

any bruvver nos de hole station joins in on de size 11 massarge ting

Anonymous said...

My brother does not like his feet massaged and i believe they make the person fit the cop and or the crime these days not the other way around, a pity then when selfless twisted fuck ups like the woman in this story seems to be falls into their laps while there are more doughnuts being handed out.

Anonymous said...

sorry slefish not selfless, lol

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

slefish @ 16:19
dat bad ganga u is on mon

JuliaM said...

"... but also no reason to start a panic about paedos in schools."

Quite! But as SadButMadLad points out, that was the doing not of the police, but of all the other council employees in the system who picked up the ball and ran with it.

"can we have the name of the suspect in this case please? Or perhaps we should wait until she is charged, or maybe even prosecuted. *holds breath*"

I wouldn't do that if I were you...