Thursday 24 February 2011

My Kind Of White Hunter...

From the 'Telegraph' obituary page, on the death of David Lloyd, professional hunter turned conservationist:
His hunting activities could be equally erratic. On one occasion he was hired to take some French dignitaries on safari in Zaire. Having arrived in Kinshasa and reported to the Belgian proprietors of the safari company, he promptly disappeared. When another member of the team arrived some days later, his first task was to track Lloyd down. Armed with a passport photo and $500 dollars, he wrote: “I began my first hunt in Zaire through the red light district of Kinshasa; often getting close to my quarry as he remained just one drink ahead of me.”
I guess back then, there was no-one willing to whinge to a man who faced down charging buffalo and wounded lions about the 'perils' of binge drinking?

Happier times...

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