Friday 18 February 2011

What If We Held A Public Backlash And Nobody Came..?

Campaigners called for a public backlash to rival the poll tax riots to fight cuts in public spending.

About 60 people attended the Colchester Against the Cuts meeting to oppose cuts in public services.
A whole 60 people! Wow!

Today, Colchester, tomorrow, the world!
Guest speaker Paul Brandon, chairman of the Right to Work campaign…said: “In the next few months, there will be a loss of 400,000 jobs in the public sector.

“We are being asked to pay for something that’s not our fault. The key question is, what are we going to do about it?

“We need to carry on marching and demonstrating. That will involve strikes, direct action and occupation.”
With 60 people, just what do you plan to occupy, even if all 60 really do turn up on the day?

You need more troops. And right on cue:
Members of the National Union of Students are set to demonstrate at Essex Univeristy (sic) on Thursday, February 24, the day universities are expected to raise tuition fees, possibly up to £9,000. A march through the town from the war memorial is planned for noon on Saturday, March 5.
Most people have better things to do on a Saturday than march with a bunch of public-sector parasites and students.
Bob Russell, Colchester’s MP, criticised the campaigners’ approach. He said: “This is not the way to go about this in a democratic society. I don’t know of any authority with any political make-up that likes making cuts.

As anybody with a family budget will know, if the money isn’t there, it isn’t there.”
Yes, but then, anyone with a family budget who finds things are getting a bit tight cuts down on the luxuries.

Councils, however, go right on employing five-a-day co-ordinators and anti-smoking community advisers. Because it’s not their money in the first place….


Clarissa said...

How about we organise a pro-cuts demo? I reckon we might get more than 60 people to that. :)

Edwin Greenwood said...

What I don't understand is the "It's not our fault so we shouldn't have to pay" attitude. Who else is going to pay?

The bankers? Yes it was mostly their fault but they've pissed away all the money on unsound investiments which was why the state had to bail them out.

The people who were given subprime mortgages and defaulted on them? They've got no money, pretty well by definition.

The people who did very nicely thank you, selling their houses to the subprime monkeys in an inflated market? Good luck with that.

Rob said...

As these people are socialists, and supported the socialists as they ran huge deficits even in the boom years, then I would say they ARE responsible. Most of the deficit is structural, Labour overspending regardless of the recession.

Request stop said...

60 people? They could occupy a bus shelter, and force old people to stand out in the rain until their bus came.

That should make everyone sit up (or stand up) and take notice!

Woman on a Raft said...

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Who's next?

JuliaM said...

"How about we organise a pro-cuts demo? I reckon we might get more than 60 people to that. "

Probably not, because we'd all be working to keep the tax supply flowing so the public sector can enjoy index-linked pensions...

"What I don't understand is the "It's not our fault so we shouldn't have to pay" attitude. Who else is going to pay? "

Well, quite. And I wonder just how many of these protesters have negative equity, cars and high-end gadgets on HP, and holidays paid for on maxed-out credit cards...

As Rob points out, are they not responsible at all?

"Psst, wanna buy a university degree? Pukkah, no rubbish, only quality here."

An, the 'universities' of Essex.. ;)