Wednesday 9 February 2011

"The claimant is over-sensitive..."

"...and finds unacceptable a level of physical contact with which most people would not have a problem."
Yes, Mr Kalomoiris lost his tribunal case. It seems he'd made too many complaints:
Greek-born Mr Kalomoiris made a catalogue of complaints while working in the department store’s flagship London branch in Oxford Street.
They ranged from moans that the store’s electronics department was ‘too hot and too busy’ to formal grievances about sexual harassment, victimisation and sex discrimination.
And besides, the judges didn't believe that the contact was sexual:
‘She [Miss Revrenna] is an older colleague who was trying to be supportive. A reasonable person in the claimant’s position would not have felt his dignity had been violated.’
So, male perverts; now you know just what to do to lay the ground if you want to get away with feeling up your younger female colleagues!

Or not:
He had claimed his complaint about Miss Revrenna would have been handled differently if he was a woman complaining about an older man.
On all the evidence so far, it's hard to say he was lying about this. Isn't it?


banned said...

About time too, other tribunals please take note. With any luck the moaners over-sensitivity might cause him to resign.

Anonymouslemming said...

@banned - I'm not sure I agree. This is blatant sexism. Men have been disciplined at work for simply commenting on a coworkers new hair style or blouse.

I'd be fine with this if not for the closing statements about how it would have been treated differently if it was a member of the unfairer sex bringing the claim.

JuliaM said...

"About time too, other tribunals please take note."

In general, I'd agree. But I'm with Anonmouslemming - reverse the sexes, and I doubt you'll hear this from a tribunal.