Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Justice System Washes Its Hands Of Responsibility…

As noted by Steve Shark, you do have to wonder if the justice system can sink into yet more disrepute:
He's got a string of previous convictions as long as your arm. But crime isn’t Nathan Cassidy’s only compulsion.

The serial burglar has an obsession with cleanliness – and that condition has helped keep him out of prison.
Yes, incredible as it may seem, it was successfully argued that jail would be too traumatic for him:
The 20-year-old was allowed to walk free from court after he told a judge he would find jail ‘too traumatic’ because of his obsessive compulsive disorder.
I wonder if he’s ever knocked down in the street, will he find an NHS hospital similarly ‘too traumatic’? They're none too clean either..
…Judge Gareth Hawkesworth handed Cassidy, of Cambridge, a 12-month sentence in a young offenders’ institution, suspended for two years.
He was also placed under a two-year supervision order and ordered to undergo mental health treatment
He shouldn’t be the only one:
Judge Hawkesworth said: ‘It’s clear to me from the psychological report you have a raft of psychological problems that need addressing.’
I think maybe someone needs to get his honour on the couch too – isn’t this sort of excessive reliance on bleeding-heart claptrap some kind of mental problem?
Mark McDonald, defending Cassidy, told the court his client was not a normal prisoner because of his problems with OCD.
He said: ‘Because of psychological problems, including obsessive compulsive disorder in relation to cleanliness, custody would have a very traumatic effect on him – more so than it would on the average prisoner.’
Perhaps he should have taken that into account when choosing a ‘career’?


SadButMadLad said...

I would have thought that prisons are very clean. No clutter allowed, everything screwed down, etc.

Lynne said...

So what happens if he breaks into a gaff that isn't too hot on the domestic chores front? Does the little shit get to sue the householder for induced stress?

Tattyfalarr said...

OCD didn't stop him entering a strangers house and negates such a pathetic. Would this thieving piece of subhuman crap have been so quick to try this if he knew he would be sectioned and his "problem" forcibly corrected with intensive therapy and chemical sedation ? Nope.

Tattyfalarr said...

*pathetic excuse

Pavlov's Cat said...

As I mentioned at my own place His main psychological problem seems to be, he believes it is OK to invade other peoples property and take their stuff and we cure that by locking people up.
Let's adress that one foirst shall we, then worry about the poor lambs OCD

Captain Haddock said...

Judge "Whattock-Hunt" needs to get a grip on reality ..

Rob said...

Judge massages own ego, feels great. Eh, whatwasthat? Victims? Eh?

Shinar's Basket Case said...

You're all missing the point. What you should be demanding is Mark McDonald's phone number!

THAT's the lawyer I want defending ME! Gets a burglar 'off' custody by claiming OCD! Well played that man!

Does he do pro bono?

Anonymous said...

If there was any justice in the world the judge would be his next victim.

Wormwood Scrubs said...

But surely, says the (law-abiding) man on the street, the vast majority of criminals have mental disorders. Which is why they do what they do.

So shouldn't they all be let off?

Shinar's Basket Case said...

"But surely, says the (law-abiding) man on the street,."

The man on the street is probably either in breach of an ASBO or being kettled by the Peelers.

JuliaM said...

"I would have thought that prisons are very clean."

Cleaner than our hospitals, no doubt.

"Judge massages own ego, feels great. Eh, whatwasthat? Victims? Eh?"

As anon points out, we can but hope the judge is his next victim.

"You're all missing the point. What you should be demanding is Mark McDonald's phone number!

THAT's the lawyer I want defending ME!"

But would you want a pint with him afterwards?

"So shouldn't they all be let off?"

Patience! The progressives will get there, eventually.

Ringmer said...

Surely a daily in-cell hosing down (preferably with a fire hose) would be an effective cure for this convenient affliction ?

It's worth a try surely...