Sunday, 27 January 2013

Actually, Yes, I Think I Would... being no object, that is, why not?
The world’s first domestic aquarium designed specifically for the translucent medusas is available from Jellyfish Art and comes fitted with LED lights to brighten up the tank and its colourless occupants.
The seven-gallon tank is circular in shape and uses a unique pump system to circulate water in a controlled swirl, nudging the fish gently away from the sides of the tank and clear of the dangerous filter valves.
The specially designed jelly keeping kit costs $382 (£238) plus VAT and shipping charges, and includes the tank, a small family of moon jellyfish and a three ounce bag of specialist jellyfish food.
As always, there's a catch:
Although the website is based in America, it will FedEx the jelly kit to the UK, although it won't ship live jellyfish abroad.
But fear not! You don't have to wade into the sea with a net!
British would-be jellyfish owners can pick up theirs from Aquarium Architecture, which will happily source moon jellyfish (£65 each plus £95 overnight delivery charges) and other marine life for British clients.
*waits for first animal rights loon to start jumping up and down in rage*

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