Thursday, 24 January 2013

Well, What Has He Got 'A History Of Having Problems With', Then?

Antony Daniel, defending, said Wyatt had no history of having a problem with animals.
So...he'd crush the trachea of a human who spoke loudly to him as well? Should he be walking the street?
Mr Daniel added: "He bitterly regrets it and is remorseful about the whole thing. He needs to get back on the track he was on for eight years."
Strange thing to say...
After nearly an hour to consider their sentence, magistrates told Wyatt he could have been jailed.
Why the leniency?
The 43-year-old, a victim of notorious paedophile William Goad...
Oh. Right. Well, that explains everything, does it? Once a victim, always a victim, even if you are actually victimising others?

Mr White should consider a kick-proof dog breed for his next walk...

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