Thursday, 10 January 2013

Never Mind The Horses On The Pitch...

...what about the elephant in the room?
York cricketers have been left on a sticky wicket due to horses invading their pitch. Hopgrove Playing Fields, in Malton Road, are in danger of being seriously damaged by stray horses regularly getting on to the pitches, churning up the ground and leaving piles of manure, it has been claimed.
Richard Kerrison, chairman of Stockton and Hopgrove Cricket Club, said he feared the playing fields would become unusable if nothing was done to address the problem.
Now, why would 'nothing be done'?
“We have rung the council and the police and they seem to say there’s nothing we can do. It’s ruining peoples’ enjoyment.”
Gosh. It's a mystery. Who could these horses possibly belong to?


Blue Burmese said...

...what about the elephant in the room?

Or the caravan in the field...

Robert the Biker said...

Have them put down by the vet, stuff the nags, stuff the pikeys!
Or just lead them to the local council offices and tether them to the door there.

Woman on a Raft said...

Young man of 23 killed on the A14 in an accident which involved stray horses and other cars on Christmas eve.

Note that the papers have not identified the owner of the stray horses. He - said to be a 26 year old man - is on bail until February 28.

No rush, it's not like it will bring anybody back from the dead.

Fahrenheit211 said...

WOAR, I'm noticing more often that names address and descriptions of those who the state considers favoured minorities are not being mentioned on arrest and often not even after charge. The first that many people know about the identity of an alleged offender is from the Magistrates Court reports.

I bet that if the horse owner is a pikey he will get some disgustingly lenient 'punishment'.

Anonymous said...

I volunteer to come and shoot the horses. No problem. The deaths will be quick and humane, I can assure you.

Ian Hills said...

They could always be sold at the next horse fair...

JuliaM said...

"Or the caravan in the field..."


"Or just lead them to the local council offices and tether them to the door there."

That's a pretty good idea!

"Young man of 23 killed on the A14 in an accident..."

Ah, yes. Someone sent me that link in a previous post comment. One to watch.

"They could always be sold at the next horse fair..."

I like that idea!

Rob said...

On the one hand, we have the State's favourite baby seals. On the other, despised normal citizens daring to take part in such a bourgeois pastime as "playing cricket".

You've got no chance, lads. No chance at all.

Anonymous said...

The answer is simple. Shoot the horse and then shoot the owner. After a couple of days, this problem will stop.