Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Why Not Just Give Them A White Flag To Wave?

Because nothing says 'We're keeping our streets safe!' like giving workers personal alarms:
Hull Business Improvement District (Bid) is aiming to improve safety in the area after investing in 500 alarms.
The devices are available to workers via their employers as part of a scheme introduced to offer protection, especially to women.
Well, that's Hull for you...
Matthew Wright, Hull Neighbourhood Network Co-ordinator, said: "This is our first foray into the retail of security goods.
"We were very pleased to help Hull Bid because equipment like this is not easily available from anywhere else and it does make a difference to personal safety."
Oooh! If you are championing 'equipment that helps personal safety', can they have these?

Or was that not the sort of 'equipment' you had in mind?


John Pickworth said...

It might surprise many but East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire has rather a lot of firearms around. Stand anywhere rural for long enough and you'll hear frequent sounds of hunting off in the distance... many of whom might play in the sticks but live in the towns and cities.

JuliaM said...

It's been interesting to see the BBC show 'Ripper Street' and see how guns were once completely unrestricted in London. I wonder if the usual suspects who decry the US ever watch it and think 'Oh!'...?

Nah. I doubt they think at all.