Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Antisocial Behaviour Mediation - Girl, You Doin' It SO WRONG!

An antisocial behaviour mediator abused a lesbian couple and stuck her finger up one of their friends' noses during a heated row in a school playground.
Diana Marquis, 51, of Songhurst Close, Croydon, who works with the Wandle Housing Association, must now attend diversity awareness classes as a result of the outburst at West Thornton Primary Academy.
This is Diana Marquis:
I can't imagine how she got the job, can you?
It also involved her telling a teaching assistant: "I will kill everyone. I will go to prison for my children. I will protect my children."
Blimey! Taking Diane Abbott's words about 'fighting hard for your children' to heart a little bit too much, there?


Fidel Cuntstruck said...

must now attend diversity awareness classes

Ohhhh the irony

Roffling helplessly

DtP said...

200 hours for sticking her finger up someone's nose seems a bit harsh but....

Tatty said...

It was the homophobic language in the hearing of children, including hers, wot dun it.

She'd have got away with it, otherwise.

A lesson for us all. You can smack 'em around but you must never ever ever ever call 'em names.

MTG said...

The public service career ladder could surely convey a 'former antisocial behaviour mediator' to some level deserving of her talents.

Fancy a dark scruffy uniform and all the folk you can finger-suffocate in a custody suite, Diana?

Bandit 1 said...

As an illustration of everything that is wrong with this country, this story is hard to top.

Anonymous said...

Waiter, take this mousse back, please!

Looks like something God put together with the bits of Lego left over.

Prosecutor Eka Kalunta-Ike
Posh boys with double-barrelled names.

Too much time with the crossword today, his surname (old Somerset family) is almost an anagram of Like a Tunk. Confound that extra 'a'!

James Higham said...

Diversity awareness classes - yes please, let me attend one of those - I have some things to say.

Mark In Mayenne said...

Should that be ''one of their friends' nose?''

I can never work it out.

Anonymous said...

Tattoo on the tit-real class!

JuliaM said...

"Roffling helplessly"

Like James, I'd LOVE to be a fly on that wall, wouldn't you? ;)

"She'd have got away with it, otherwise."

Sadly, I feel you are probably right...

"As an illustration of everything that is wrong with this country, this story is hard to top."

Spot on!