Tuesday, 29 January 2013

How The Police Really See You...

Neighbours of Dr Dow’s in Beeston, Nottingham, described how the tenants had made her life a ‘living hell’.
They were named as Daryl Robinson, 45, his twin sister Gaynor Robinson and her son Liam Peach, 20.
One neighbour said: ‘Daryl hasn’t worked a day in his life and neither has Gaynor. But they treat it as a joke. They’re both scum. They cut her electric cables and phone wire because she kept on calling the council and police.’
They needn't have bothered...
The inquest was also shown an email from Nottinghamshire police officer Sam Astle to Miss Marshall concerning Miss Dow’s letters in which the PC wrote: ‘You just can’t win with some people can you?’
And we should worry about cuts to the police service...why, exactly?
A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said the comments in the email were ‘regrettable’.
No, I think - since she's not apparently even been disciplined for them - what's so 'regrettable' for you is that she was stupid enough to put them in an email and thus get found out...


Fidel Cuntstruck said...

It's a sad tale isn't it? Buying your first property (I assume it was her first) on a limited budget - your own little piece of England blighted by scum. I feel sorry for everyone on that street - apart from the chavs obviously!. I also, strangely, feel a little sorry for the copper - obviously out of their depth and without the character to have a "quiet word". The housing office - well, what else can you expect?

Lessons won't be learned - they never are - sadly.

P T Barnum said...

Don't feel sorry for Astle. Having the misfortune to know this Robocop wannabe, I'm only surprised he bothered to email her at all.

MTG said...

The 'regrettable' Astle type genus of family Plod is readily distinguished by a huge chip on one shoulder combined with an unhelpful and ignorant nature. Has great contempt for most citizens and suffers from a reflex sneer when properly addressing doctorate holders.

This semi-literate specimen rarely ventures beyond the protection afforded by warm buildings but its insatiable appetite for fat and sugar may necessitate nocturnal scavenging at takeaway back doors.

Anonymous said...

Can you all stop sneering at Melvin,he doesn't like it.

JuliaM said...

"It's a sad tale isn't it?"

Yes. Because it's so unnecessary, and could have been avoided so easily.

And because you know it's happening again, somewhere...

"Don't feel sorry for Astle."

There's absolutely no chance of that!

Anonymous said...

I half-expected this story to pop up here Julia.
Let me give a different opinion,before I am shouted down.
You have quoted one email from the PC without knowing the context.It could be that the PC was very lazy and didn't give a damn about this poor woman.Or it could be that the PC tried his hardest to help the victim and all his offers were rebuffed so he wrote "you just can't help some people".I don't know and neither do any of you but it makes a good headline.
The actions of the woman to kill herself are extreme.She must have been in despair.But where were her friends and family while this was happening?She wasn't some chav,she was an educated woman.
Jaded,a lone voice.
PS Obviously MTG has inside information on this story,we are all ears!

Anonymous said...

The solution of course is from Holland - scum villages.
Council house tenants who are scum get to live in a village with people like them.

John Pickworth said...

The solution of course is from Holland - scum villages.

This has been tried here (on a street basis)... and on the quiet. But I doubt they'd get away with it now without some bleeding heart lefty squealing about it from their Tuscan Villa.

Jim said...

Its interesting to contrast the response of the police in this case to this one:


A nasty little case of racist abuse undoubtedly, which seems to have been the work of a single teenager, rather than some sort of concerted local campaign. The police provided security cameras immediately and plentiful physical presence too.

One only wonders why Dr Dow didn't get a similar level of service?