Monday, 18 September 2017

Surely A Better Question Would Be 'How The Hell Did She Know?'...

Gina Martin, 25, spotted a man’s phone screen at BST Festival in Hyde Park last month, saw a woman’s thighs and underwear, and was "shocked" to realise the crotch in the image was her own.
Does she sew a little nametag into her knickers, or something?
The copywriter said the Met Police told her they could not punish the man because he had "done nothing illegal", so she launched a petition – which has now amassed more than 55,000 signatures - calling for "upskirting" to be added to the Sexual Offences Act 2003.
Oh, for pity's sake...
“More than 55,000 people have signed my Care2 petition now, but it may not reach 100,000 and get a definite hearing in parliament. But I think if we can get enough women to write to their MPs demanding action, it can get discussed and the law may be changed.
“Section 67 of the Sexual Offences act needs to be amended to label ‘up-skirt photos’ or ‘creepshots’ as a sexual offence. Period.”
You don't think we maybe have bigger Tube-travel related problems to deal with right now..?
Simon Myerson QC told the Standard: “Making upskirting a specific offence would be helpful.
“I would try to work it around a definition of voyeurism. At the moment it involves watching other people engaging in sexual activity and I would try and get a definition that says taking photos of someone’s underwear or private parts – making sure to be careful to exclude swimwear and tight leggings etc or you get into a murky situation – is an offence, unless the person gave their express consent.
“The ‘upskirter’ could then potentially have their card marked as a sexual offender and go on the Sexual Offenders Register.”
Or, to translate: "Fantastic! More work for me & my colleagues arguing over how many angels can dance on the edge of a pin what constitutes a 'upskirt' shot and what's just an unfortunate angle to take a selfie from! And who cares if some bloke has his life ruined for a victimless crime? Not us! Trebles all round..."


Timbotoo said...

Maybe she identified the knickers from the skid mark.

Jonathan Bagley said...

This could be a re-run of the dangerous dogs act; culottes being the new Staffordshire bull terrier.

The Jannie said...

The poor victim was SOOO aware of what was going on around her, too.

Scrobs. said...

Just don't do it in Brighton, you may get more than you bargained for!

JuliaM said...

"Maybe she identified the knickers from the skid mark."


"This could be a re-run of the dangerous dogs act..."

Pretty much ALL modern panic-driven legislation is...

"Just don't do it in Brighton, you may get more than you bargained for!"