Wednesday 13 September 2017

The Death Penalty For Accomplices Now...?

A dog facing destruction by police after allegedly biting four people during Storm Doris "does not continue to present a danger to public safety", the force's own expert has said.
Northamptonshire Police has applied for a Civil Destruction Order for Muppet after the attacks involving two dogs.
But his owner said none of the victims could state Muppet had bitten them. In a document seen by the BBC, the police's expert witness described Muppet as "insecure and subdued".
If that's the opinion of their own expert, why proceed?
Although no criminal charges have been brought, Mr Penfold was twice asked to sign a voluntary destruction order, but refused.
Quite rightly. But I wonder if this prompted the police action? They hate being reminded that 'voluntary' means just that....

What were the circumstances?
Staffie-cross Muppet and a friend's dog Phoebe were in owner Jeff Penfold's garden in Duston near Northampton when the storm blew down a gate on 23 February.
The dogs escaped and four people were bitten, police said. However, Mr Penfold said three people stated they had not been bitten by Muppet, and the fourth victim was not sure if it was him. Phoebe was destroyed and 15-month-old Muppet was seized and placed in kennels.
Now, much as I'm happy to see all dangerous dogs given the needle (If I had my way, their owners would get a lethal dose too), it seems that the police haven't proven that this is the case. It was in the company of one, yes. But that's not good enough.
Police applied for the destruction order saying it was "proportionate... to avoid a criminal case for the owners".
You mean, a criminal case that the CPS would laugh at before throwing in the bin? Pull the other one!
Northamptonshire Police has declined to make any further comment ahead of a hearing at Wellingborough Magistrates' Court on 10 October.
One to watch. And you can bet I will.

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