Friday, 15 September 2017

Well, This Is Certainly Interesting!

Via the Torcs and Timegates blog, news that one of my favourite book series may finally be in production.

And yes, I know that it's a long development process these days despite CGI advances, and god knows, the possibility of it all being warped beyond imagination is high, and, you are right, we still haven't had a decent version of Anne McCafferey's books, but.....

....well, if they could do as good a job as HBO did with 'Game of Thrones', it could be awesome. It has all the potential, after all.

Casting suggestions in the comments, please!


Macheath said...

I'm torn on this; on one hand - WOW! On the other, I can't help thinking of AA Milne's description of adaptations on a much-loved book being 'like finding someone else's thumbprint in your bread and butter'.

As for Anne McCaffrey, even with CGI the dragons would always be a bit of a stretch but I've often wondered whether 'The Crystal Singer' or the Pegasus series would translate well to film - although the latter might be a bit too close to 'Minority Report.

Also Mary Gentle's 'Rats and Gargoyles' would make a superb film; if you don't know it, get thee to a bookshop immediately!

BTW, Ralph Fiennes for Basil Wimborne.

MC said...

Very exciting. It needs to be proper HBO-style big budget.

I suspect we're not going to get many big names, but a GOT mix of relative unknowns with character actors and minor stars would work. Plenty of casting opportunities for British character actors not pretty enough to get a break in US TV!

All I ask is don't f*** it up!

JuliaM said...

"As for Anne McCaffrey, even with CGI the dragons would always be a bit of a stretch..."

True, they'd be 'characters' rather than weapons a la 'GoT', so would require more airtime, and so increase costs.

I'm not sure McCaffrey's other series would have the necessary draw factor, unfortunately.

"BTW, Ralph Fiennes for Basil Wimborne. "


"All I ask is don't f*** it up!"