Saturday, 9 September 2017

So Much For 'Tough, Uncompromising Crusader For Disability Rights'....

Ryan, an academic researcher of autism and learning difficulties, said she felt offended by the tribunal’s finding of fact which said “her memory may have been affected by the major trauma she experienced in the loss of her son”.
She said: “I found that so offensive given they sat through me being retraumatised for two hours. They don’t seem to see people as human beings at all.”
What, because you had to state your case in front of a panel?
Ryan, an Oxford University academic, said she was left distressed and unwell for days after being questioned by Murphy’s defence barrister, Richard Partridge. She was visibly upset when taking the oath and was reduced to tears under questioning by Partridge, forcing a break in proceedings.
Good lord, it was hardly the Nuremberg Trials!
Ryan was repeatedly pressed on what she had told nurses about Connor when he was admitted to Slade House – with the implication, she said, that she should have told nurses her son needed to be supervised in the bath.
Well, should she? It's a valid question...
Partridge questioned Ryan about her description of Murphy in a witness statement as being “dismissive, arrogant and distant” and asked how she thought that would make his client feel.
Welcome to the World of Feelings that the likes of Ryan hath wrought. Now the boot's on the other foot, I can't help but notice they don't seem to like the fit...
He also raised an anonymous blog written by Ryan about Connor and his journey through the care system, which was seen to be critical of some nurses. He asked Ryan whether this blog “might have made people wary of you”.”
Again, perfectly valid. I can see why she might not think so, but them's the breaks.
A spokeswoman for the MPTS said: “We are sorry to hear how upsetting Dr Ryan found the process of giving evidence to the tribunal. The role of a witness is crucial in giving a tribunal a first-hand account of what has happened in a case, so they can establish whether a doctor is safe to practise. It’s important that account is thoroughly explored and tested.
“However, we do understand that giving evidence can sometimes be distressing which is why we and the GMC offer a support service to all witnesses before they attend a tribunal.”
I wonder if she took up their offer?


jack ketch said...

Jools, on a similar note: Did you catch Polly Toynbee on 'Stop Suing The NHS'?

and did it sound familiar?

"You could have two babies born with cerebral palsy - they require the same care, they have the same needs. In one case the lawyers can prove that some incident occurred that was negligent. That child might be awarded anything up to £6 million pounds - the damages are calculated assuming 'private' nursing care. In the other case, there was no negligence, it was just 'God's will' - that child will receive no damages. " - Anna Raccoon

...I'm just saying

JuliaM said...

"Did you catch Polly Toynbee on 'Stop Suing The NHS'?"

I did indeed, and yes, it rang a bell!