Monday, 11 September 2017

That Feeling Of Daja Vu Again...

A depressingly familiar tale:
“The Staffie bit my right hand down to the tendon. I had to go to Torbay Hospital and stay overnight. It’s my writing hand and I still can’t use it. I’m bruised all over.
“The person with the Staffie was a young girl who looked about 15 and didn’t have a clue what to do. She stood there and watched. Eventually she did her best to open its jaws and between us we got the dog off. She got the lead on it and dragged it away.
She said her Mum was coming in a minute but then just disappeared.”
That's what they always say. When they say anything at all.
“That dog was vicious and I’m sure it would do the same thing again. I have reported it to the police but they have not contacted me yet.”
Who is surprised? Not me.


Anonymous said...

De Jaded: The sensation of already experiencing the same old plodcrap.

Anonymous said...

Why was your right hand near the little dog?

DéJàded said...

I'm sure I've heard that one before, anon.