Friday, 1 September 2017

"He ended his tirade by saying simply: "I rest my case your honour.""

During the two-day trial prosecution barristers said that after telling confused passersby to 'go back to Isis' he slapped a Chinese boy with a newspaper and then hurled abuse at the Welsh family.
He then approached three young girls and made lewd remarks, threatening them with a syringe taken out of a nearby bin, before he was arrested by police.
Representing himself in court, Brown yesterday delivered a largely incoherent rant from the dock as his closing speech.
Brown, who denied any involvement in the incident, told jurors that the 'Government was corrupt' and referred to the 'corrupt' police as 'them boys in Cowley'.
He also made references to Theresa May, 'that Scottish woman' and Brexit.
 Makes a lot more sense than a lot of defendants, I have to say...
After the jury returned a unanimous guilty verdict on all three counts he then screamed and shouted and continued to hurl abuse shouting 'respect the referendum' and 'Brexit'.
He will be sentenced at the same court after psychiatric reports are prepared on October 10.
Oh, I think we can skip that, don't you?


Ted Treen said...

How ironic: a defendant palpably barmier than the judiciary. At least he's before a court of his peers (said some scurrilous disrespectful commenter).

JuliaM said...