Monday, 4 September 2017

Make Up Your Minds, Lads....

Solicitor David Bailey had his £1,000 mountain bike stolen by thieves who first removed the saddle so he could not ride it home, then returned at night to cut through the bike’s heavy-duty lock and chain.
Despite the crime taking place in full view of police-controlled CCTV cameras in Old Steine, Mr Bailey claims police have refused to review the tape.
Well, of course they have. Good grief man, don't you realise they have Facebook & Twitter to monitor? They don't have time for stuff like theft!
The force said using staff time to watch the tape covering the 7pm to 8am window during which the crime took place was “not proportionate to the nature of the offence.”
Quite right. It's not like these thieves are committing the heinous crime of....errr....driving around?

Wait, do you want footage or don't you? Can't you make up your minds?


Sobers said...

Are they having a laugh? Are plod so stupid they'd sit some eagle eyed constable in front of a a 12 hour recording, and say 'OK, sit there and watch that until someone nicks the bike'? How about spot checking the tape at hourly intervals until the bikes gone, then working back in 5 minute chunks til its there again? Would take all of 10 minutes.

One assumes they aren't really that stupid, just lazy and refusing to investigate a crime, because they can, and there's nothing the poor victim can do about it.

Anonymous said...

Card Bored police - a gang of lazy, corrupt and self-serving bastards.

I blame 'there' standard of 'educashun' which is readily apparent in most comments posted by the blog's resident plod, WC Jaded.

Woman on a Raft said...

Why can they not invite the complainant to do as Sobers suggests? It does not matter who scans the footage, so long as they identify the time the crime took place. However, I will be very surprised if this led to an identification. Bike thieves can wear a peep-scarf and hoodie as well as anyone else.

Fahrenheit211 said...

Well said there Sobers. This is the technique I use when reviewing my own CCTV. Sadly the police are either too stupid or lazy to do this or have put far too much resources into cracking down on people who say nasty but true things about Islam on Twitter

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, its only too true. I provided video evidence to the police of a car damaging my property, but "lack of resources" meant they were not going to do anything about it, and since the driver was insured, I should go through my insurance hence increasing my premium in subsequent years. They also lied about having sent me 2 letters explaining this...

Useless twats doesn't even start to describe them.

Anonymous said...

Mr Plod not playing out today?

Anonymous said...

Now now Melvin. If you keep writing swear-words in your posts I will get nursey to cut your internet privileges and you will have to just stare out of the window all day to amuse yourself.

Clarissa said...

Several years back someone tried this with my bike when it was chained up at Westcliff station. For good measure they also left me with a flat tire. Being a somewhat stubborn bitch I walked it home that night rather than picking it up another day.

MTG said...

@ WC Jaded. That your plod work involves daily character assassination, smearing, wrongful accusations and evidence planting, is very transparent. My dear ignoramus*, the one and only occasion I submitted foul language to this blog took place when I copied verbatim** a selection of obscenities you had already posted here and elsewhere.

Your many crude stories, depicting me as someone incarcerated in an Institution and whose proxy care is something you influence, are unlikely to impress readers at this site. Perhaps you would be better touting your bizarre accounts to editors of 'Tales from the Leather Nun'.

**Using the exact words.

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo MTG. You've been calling me racist, fat, lazy and corrupt for many years. Unlikely to impress readers-except mentally ill ones like you.
Go stand for election or cut your grass. Both pointless activities.

Anonymous said...

Keep taking the tablets, Melvin!

JuliaM said...

"Are they having a laugh? Are plod so stupid..."

No rhetorical questions, please!

"Why can they not invite the complainant to do as Sobers suggests?"

I suspect there might be a data protection issue if a 'civilian' does it? Or rather, that's the excuse they'd use.

"Useless twats doesn't even start to describe them."

More and more, I'm hearing this from the most surprising people. I genuinely believe the police have no idea the depth of contempt in which they are held by those who would be their natural allies.

Of possibly, just don't care.

"Being a somewhat stubborn bitch I walked it home that night rather than picking it up another day."