Thursday, 28 September 2017

Another 'Guardian' Headline That's Not Quite Accurate...

Hmmm, did they?

There's clearly two bullet holes in the driver's rear wing. What, someone couldn't hit the window from that distance?
One witness claimed to have heard five shots, another said there were 10.
Let's hope the first isn't correct. That's a lot of missed shots, otherwise!

The 'Guardian' homes in on the real issue with marksmanlike precision:
It is believed the man who was shot dead is white.
Awww, no riots for you, 'Guardian'....


MTG said...

Probably just another state murder.
Probably a murder for which nobody will answer.
Probably the victim's gun was a fake that never did and never could, fire real bullets.
Probably the victim had mental issues.
Probably the victim was facing a 'Fire Up The Quattro' mentality.
Probably the victim had no chance when trigger-happy Plod decided to 'lock and load'...en route.
Probably the victim will be smeared by police masquerading as public in their comments to the press...oh, already done!
Probably the victim will be falsely branded by Mr Plod as a 'terrorist', or 'drugs dealer'...gosh, that's also been accomplished.
Probably the victim will be falsely accused of 'failing to follow police instructions'.
Probably a year or two will elapse (as is customary with these state executions) before the public are given any reliable information...and when memory of the execution has faded.
Probably Mr Plod is already raking up dirt to be found (and embellished), on their victim.
Probably Mr Plod is already 'leaning on' and attempting to subjugate, witnesses.
Probably Mr Plod is conferring and then further colluding with his army of lawyers, in concocting fictitious stories which will better suit their relative positions, than pertinent facts.

Sobers said...

Has anyone seen Ben Stokes since??????

Anonymous said...

What a shame. My flatscreen TV is so 2011 and my trainers need replacing as well.

Anonymous said...

Probably Merlv is still breathing after that little lot (unfortunately).
Probably Melv is not the same Melv as the paedophile still hiding from the law (but not necessarily).

IPCC - "Tell me, officer, why did you fire 10 shots into the victim?"
Officer - "I ran out of bullets!"


Anonymous said...

I say sit back and wait for what unfolds, as of about 5pm tonight it was revealed that the car was called in by concerned MOP's at 8.30am that morning in the West Mercia force area so I would predict that the IPCC will now be seeking to hang out to dry the call handlers in West Mercia and Gloucester police as well.
Hint: Even on the M5 you can go a long way quite quickly.
I'll leave the critique of the shooting to the X-Box and Call of Duty experts who have never handled a real firearm or been near a rapidly unfolding incident.

Anonymous said...

The policing expert has spoken. Everyone bow down to his superior knowledge.
He's probably mentally ill though
Probably Jaded

JuliaM said...

"What a shame. My flatscreen TV is so 2011 and my trainers need replacing as well."


"I'll leave the critique of the shooting to the X-Box and Call of Duty experts..."

I could never get on with those games, they require quick reactions I just don't have...