Monday, 30 July 2018

What Hope Do We Have, If This Is How The Police Think?

Det Ch Insp Jerome Kent said: "This was a tragic and upsetting case due to the young age of both the victim and the offenders, who are just children.
"If those boys had chosen not to carry knives that night, I truly believe Jacob would still be alive today."
'Just children', eh?
During the trial, the court heard that Jacob had been involved in a number of fights and got into an argument with the AP gang.
After posting an online challenge, he was stabbed eight times in an alleyway behind his home on 7 December.
Three of the teenagers, who were just 14 at the time, had to change out of their school uniforms before carrying out the "punishment mission".
The court heard they wanted to teach Jacob a lesson because he was a rival to their "county lines" drug operation.
Not children at all. Weapon-carrying drug dealers.
Gray and Stephens were sentenced to serve at least 14 years, Mohamed was sentenced to at least 13 years, and Fisher-Dixon and Mahomud handed 12-year terms.
They'll still be young adults when they come out.


Anonymous said...

These are the children lefties object to being searched-tasered-or arrested. They are savages .

Anonymous said...

Very vibrant and enriching!

MTG said...

DCI Jerome Kunt's verbosity is independent of cerebral influence...just as the legs of a headless creature can take it round the full perimeter of the chicken coop.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious Melvin...a wordplay on the man's surname. must be a barrel of laughs to be around.

JuliaM said...

"These are the children lefties object to being searched-tasered-or arrested."

Yup. Until they are mugged or stabbed by them.