Friday, 30 November 2018

Quote Of The Month

Double winners! DumbJon skewers May's pathetic troops with one well placed thrust:
"There is no better proof of the fundamentally corrupt nature of Professional Conservatives than that they either embrace or denounce the self-same policies, depending on whether they come from Corbyn or from some dude with a fancy accent."
While Tim Newman points out just how the modern police forces find themselves hoist on their own petard:
"...I love how the police have spent years elevating themselves to special status whereby only they can have weapons, only they can protect you, only they can do X, Y, and Z and ordinary people “must not take the law into their hands” but instead wait for Plod to show up three days later. Yet here they are whining that they don’t want to come to work if the public won’t join them in hand-to-hand combat with a bunch of feral thugs the very same police forces won’t let us criticise."

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